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Celebrating Student Achievement

May 3, 2018

Band practice

Students Recognized at Honors Convocation

MILWAUKEE, WI - On May 3, Wisconsin Lutheran College held its annual Honors Convocation in the Chapel, where scholarships and special awards were given to recognize students from nearly every academic program. 

Congratulations to the following students who were honored this year:

Krueger Accounting Scholarship: Britley Grulke
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the accounting field.

Kohl Family Accounting Scholarship: Jacob Gross
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the accounting field.

Gerald and Georgia Brommer Art Scholarship: Paige Schwark
Awarded to a senior art major who shows dedication and adherence to Christian ideals, artistic skills in the chosen area of art, and a dedication to art as a vital element in the Christian Life.

Herbert O. Fleischer Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Plaski
Presented to a sophomore to recognize and encourage an outstanding biology major.

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Laura Sanford
Awarded to a freshman chemistry student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a high interest in chemistry.

2018 Honors Convocation Heins and Plocher

Mary Heins Scholarship for Excellence in Communication: Daniel Plocher
Presented to a communication or communicative arts major who maintains a minimum GPA of 3.4 in the major; demonstrates exemplary writing, public speaking, classroom leadership, and interpersonal skills; and demonstrates a commitment to Christian servant leadership on campus, in church, or in the community.

In Focus Digital Cinema and Media Scholarship: Kelli Jones
Awarded to a junior or senior digital cinema and media major who demonstrates excellent production skills and servant leadership.

Salty Earth Pictures Action Award: Jon Banach
Presented to a digital cinema and media major who demonstrates exceptional talent in multimedia development and production and demonstrates Christ-centered servant leadership.

Didaskalos Award: Cassandra Arns and Kennedy Carviou
Presented to an education major who demonstrates concern for student achievement and welfare, desire for ongoing learning, and personal Christian values.

Renaissance Award: Noah Schroeder
Presented to a multi-dimensional scholar citizen and English major whose contribution to English courses and the larger community is outstanding.

St. Michaelis Endowed Scholarship for German Studies: Anna Adams
Awarded to a German major or minor who has shown outstanding progress in the acquisition of the German language and who has worked diligently to promote the German program.

Dan and Lisa Leffel Award in History: Melanie Dodson
Presented to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the history field.

Glen and Beth Thompson History Scholarship: Sidney Lehman
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to major or minor in history, as recommended by the history faculty.

Melvin and Marion Meyer Human Social Services Scholarship: Emily Reitz
Presented to a full-time human social services major who consistently demonstrates servant leadership through serving the needs of others.

Freshman Honors in Mathematics Award: Mandy Abernathy, Daniel Bronner, Ashley Scherf, and Kaylyn Shevey
Presented to students for outstanding performance during their freshman year in mathematics courses at the level of Calculus 1 or higher.

Golden Lyre Award: Jasmin Wise
Awarded in recognition of talent and contributions to the programs of the music department of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Cantabile Award: Grant Coppersmith
Presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership and excellence in the choral program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Fanfare Award: Maria Froman
Presented to a student in recognition of musical talent and contributions to the music department in the area of instrumental music. 

Nurse Pioneer Award: Courtney Kaufman
Presented to a nursing student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities such as courage, creativity, or service during the previous year.

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society: Austin Busler, Abby Kock, Lisa Kehl, Briana Modjeska, Kevin Rorabeck, and Stefanie Voight
Presented to nursing majors who have demonstrated professional leadership potential and academic integrity (by achieving a 3.5 GPA in the senior year or 3.75 in the junior year, and by placing within the upper 35% of the class).

Kepler Scholarship: Sean Grady
Presented to a student who is pursuing a major or minor in physics and who exhibits virtues of the intellect and of character.

2018 JD Fleming Award

Roger Fleming Senior Scholar Athlete Award: Cassie Balts and JD Leisemann
Presented to a graduating senior who over at least seven semesters has maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4, earned at least two varsity letters in a specific sport, and demonstrated Christian leadership on campus.

Christian Leadership Certificate: Quang Hang, Erika Koenig, and Sydney Osborn
Awarded to a graduating senior for successful completion of the Christian Leadership Certificate Program, recognizing their commitment to Christian servant leadership with excellence.

Sharon A. Schoeneck Christian Women's Leadership Scholarship: Helen Joyce and Samantha Paton
Awarded to acknowledge, encourage, and promote the tremendous talents of our young Christian women.

WLC Alumni Scholarship: Michelle Boldt
Presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence, co-curricular involvement, and Christian character.

Gary and Sandra Greenfield Christian Leadership Scholarship: Amber Bilitz, Siobhan Heiss, and David Wilson
Presented to a student who has displayed exemplary Christian leadership, as demonstrated to us by the college's first full-time president and his wife.