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Ten-Minute Original Play Showcase

Thursday, September 21, 2017 to Sunday, September 24, 2017 | Center for Arts and Performance - Raabe Theatre | BUY TICKETS

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Ten-Minute Original Play Showcase

September 21-24


The 2017-2018 season begins with original ten-minute plays selected from submissions that are primarily from current, past, and future WLC students. Between five and eight new plays will be given “full production” under the direction of WLC alumni. All of the selected plays will be presented each performance date. Tickets are $5.

DOLLAR BILL by Noah Schroeder '18 / Directed by Stacy Becker '05
When two men meet at a deserted bus stop, a careless conversation leads to an exploration of possibilities and lost opportunity.

TIME AND LIES by Charlie and Teddy Lockwood / Directed by Marah Nitz '17
Tragedy looms as two superheroes are faced with unemployment and a dreadful sugar shortage.  

MAKING MEMORIES by Jessica Schulz '19 / Directed by Naomi Tiefel '05
Faith is eager to set out on a new adventure in her life, but not before spending one last night of sharing memories with her two best friends, Hope and Daniel. Tonight might also be her last chance to find out if Daniel could become more than a friend, and she is determined to make this time count.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY by Deanna Strasse '12 / Directed by Nicole Bartsch '18
Claire can't seem to figure out the play of her life. Torn between her lover and her husband, she can't make up her mind. Luckily for Claire, the playwright is in the audience and willing to help.

THE GREY KINGDOM by John Plaski '19 / Directed by Thomas Sebald '16
A wounded King wrestles with life and death, but as he suffers, the kingdom begins to crumble and fade around him. This allegory of worship, sacrifice, and sacred things is a call to reject the safety of apathy and embrace truth and urgency.

THE SECRET ROOM by Macie Laylan '17 / Directed by Keela Coppersmith '16
Secrets unravel when two students find themselves connected through an old computer.

WHY ARE YOU HERE? by Megan Ann Jacobs '14 / Directed by Deanna Strasse '11
A young woman grapples with depression, and, in turn, with those closest to her until she decides to make a change for herself.

WHEN 3 REALLY IS COMPANY by Chloe Harbach '18 / Directed by Amanda Schumacher '12 
Jamie and Chris are on a first date. Make that, Jamie and Chris, AND Jamie's outspoken and intrusive inner thoughts and emotions (Anxiety, Girl Power, and Swoon) are on a first date.

Thursday, September 217:30 p.m. 
Friday, September 227:30 p.m. 
Saturday, September 237:30 p.m. 
Sunday, September 242:30 p.m. 

Center for Arts and Performance
Raabe Theatre
8815 W. Wisconsin Avenue
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