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WLC Partners with Concordia University School of Law for Accelerated 3+3 Program

August 31, 2017

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MILWAUKEE, WI - Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) and Concordia University School of Law in Boise, Idaho (Concordia Law) have announced an accelerated program that allows students to obtain a bachelor's degree from WLC and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Concordia Law in only six years. 

Students enrolled in Wisconsin Lutheran College's pre-law program may take classes for three years at WLC, and, having satisfactorily met the requirements for admission to Concordia University School of Law, take an additional three years of classes at Concordia Law, graduating with both a bachelor's degree in a major field of study from WLC and a Juris Doctorate degree from Concordia Law.

"WLC is very excited to partner with Concordia University School of Law by providing our students the ability to earn an undergraduate degree in only three years and then move directly on to law school," stated Dr. Jason Badura, Assistant Professor of Humanities at Wisconsin Lutheran College. "In doing so, our students will be able to reduce the amount time and financial cost by earning their bachelor and Juris Doctorate degrees, while also being able to start their legal careers sooner. In a time of increased academic financial cost and competition in the work force, the accelerated law program is a significant opportunity for students to pursue. Moreover, our students will have access to an excellent undergraduate Christian liberal arts education and co-curricular opportunities, which will prepare them for success in both personal life and their chosen legal professional vocation."