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Students Study Abroad This Summer

June 1, 2017

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WLC Students Travel Abroad with Professors

MILWAUKEE, WI - This summer, Wisconsin Lutheran College students are traveling abroad to study in Europe, Grenada, the United Kingdom, and Zambia, accompanied by their professors. 

Students and professors will be sharing their photos and experiences during their journeys. Check the Study Abroad section of our WLC Magazine blog to read more.


EUROPE: On May 24, a group of students enrolled in the course "Contemporary Europe: Culture, History, Politics and Economy" flew to Germany with Prof. Sibylle Krause and Dr. Jason Badura. Follow along as the group explores major historical and cultural sites in Munich, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; and Strasbourg, France.  

GRENADA: In late May, a group of students accompanied by Dr. Rob Balza, Dr. James Henkel, and Prof. Courtney Moll traveled to Grenada to conduct research on the coral reefs off the island nation's coast. Read about their hikes, dives, and research projects.

UNITED KINGDOM: On May 30, students who are enrolled in a "Best of Britain" course traveled to the United Kingdom with Dr. Martin Moldenhauer. Follow the trip as the group learns about Scottish and British authors, their lives, and their writings.

ZAMBIA: As part of their required curriculum, WLC nursing students travel to Zambia at the end of their junior year to study the implementation of health care programs across the globe. While there, they observe medical practices and procedures in local clinics and hospitals, learn about diverse cultures, and conduct health education programs. Follow the experiences of the nursing students as they travel through Zambia with Dr. Sheryl Scott beginning June 1.